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Restaurant & Taproom

You can grab more than a pint at the Paris Beer Company. We serve an elevated beer experience at our modern industrial  restaurant and taproom that incorporates a variety of beer styles, mouthwatering food pairings, and the friendliest service from our beer connoisseurs. 



Our Biergarten is an outdoor extension of our restaurant & taproom and draws inspiration from some of Munich's most memorable Biergarten. It helps that our Brewmaster is born and bred in Germany. 


Bottle Shop

Grab some of our expertly crafted beers to go at our bottleshop, located adjacent to our restaurant and taproom. Did you try a beer that you liked in the restaurant? Tell the server, and they'll give you a beer card with its name and description. 


The Wincey Mills

The rebirth of the Wincey Mills has enabled it to again take its place at the centre of life in Downtown Paris. Enjoy a year-round market hall with local, quality vendors, a comfortable café, and various culinary and cultural experiences.