The Paris Beer Co. Covid-19 safety Plan

Updated: December 30th, 2020

Screening + PPE Protocols in place:

  • Canatrace* QR code system in place for employee screening; employees that do not meet the screening standards will be handled on a case by case basis by management to determine best course of action. 

  • Face masks worn at all times by staff 

  • Face masks to be worn at all times by guests while in the establishment

  • Staff will be trained in the proper use and wearing of face coverings.

  • A supply of gloves and masks will be available for staff as needed.


Distancing Protocols in place:

  • Maximum ONE patron in the bottle shop at any time; exception made for parents with child

  • Floor decals installed to control line-up distancing.

  • Music played is no louder than regular conversation.

  • Customers arriving for pick up are allowed one step into Taproom entrance to pay and collect take away food.


Cleaning Protocols in place:

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been purchased and placed in key locations (patio and side door entrance, bottle shop entrance, behind bar) for staff and patrons to use.

  • We have enforced a constant hand washing protocol for all our staff. All employees are being discouraged from wearing rings and watches to ensure maximized effectiveness of handwashing. Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers are readily available to our guests and employees.

  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all regular touch points and surfaces, Peroxide Multi Surface Disinfectant and Cleaner used with a 45 sec Covid-19 kill time.

  • Pest control services being provided by Progressive Pest Control, Brantford.

  • Menus are single-use paper or QR code for smartphones or posted on the wall (beer menu), any multiuse collateral will be laminated and sterilized between uses.


*Canatrace is a fast, secure solution for businesses to collect patron information per city Covid-19 guidelines. Through a QR Code created specific to our business, guests are routed to a safe and secure landing page requiring simple contact information to be entered.  All Canatrace data is stored securely.




31 Mechanic Street

Paris, ON 

N3L 1K1

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